Rough Stone Pendant in Onyx

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Rough Stone Pendant in Onyx with 925 silver plating from Brazil (chain not included). The onyx stone is the stone of security. Having this crystal always close by brings security in relationships, at home and also in the professional field. It is possible to perceive this meaning since antiquity, as this stone is always present in protective engravings and in tombs from several different cultures. It also gives us security in emotional aspects, calming fears and calming the spirit. While a moonstone reminds us of spiritual events that happen to man, onyx reminds us of the physical experiences that surround the person, thus it is a very strong stone to be used in psychometry, as it reveals the user's history. Positively, this crystal is empowering, and is good for athletes or people suffering from extreme mental and emotional stress. As it provides balance in the mind and body, it is a good stone for those who are distracted by nature. It has the power to help you with self-confidence in approaching a lesson or assignment. It is in tune with the energies of the earth, being a stone that creates balance and helps you to be more comfortable in the environments you frequent. It acts as a mental tonic and can benefit those with fears and worries to overcome. TECHNICAL SHEET OF THE ONYXSign: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, Libra and SagittariusChakra: FirstPlanet: Mars and SaturnMonth: February and JulyProfession: Police officers, athletes and high-ranking executivesOrigin: Brazil, Mexico, Italy, USA, Uruguay, Russia, South Africa, Turkey , Iran, India and ArgentinaHardness: 6.5 – 7 MohsChemical composition: Silica, dioxide with traces of zincEsoteric and psychic effects:ProtectionHelps to abandon manias and addictionsHelps those going through a divorce or separation process of any kindGives security, courage and will of livingBlocks envyReduces the effects of melancholy and depressionFacilitates the visualization and pursuit of new paths in our lifeBrings greater balance to the body and soulTherapeutic effects:Helps in the recovery of skin problems, including sunburn.Gives the skin a better appearanceImproves circulation bloodSharpen our senses, especially hearingFavors the healing process of all diseasesFavors bones and teethHelps in the healing and healing of open wounds​

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 2×1×3 cm